Code Reorganization++

Thanks to richard's help, I have a much cleaner organization for the code here. That may seem like a dumb thing to do during a time-pressure contest, but previously everything was in one single massive source file. As the world grew, that got worse and worse to dig through.

I've cut a new release, available here, although it has very little in the way of additional text. The entire 'marsh' scene is implemented, though you don't really learn anything from it (unless you're psychic and can intuit the storyline from the minimal list of actions).

I've also added hooks for running things when you enter and leave rooms, which actually allows for more game-like things (randomly providing exits, having actions change depending on the direction from which you enter, etc.) Not sure how much of this stuff is going to get used, but I think with a little more work this framework could actually be used for a minimalistic 'interactive novel' engine. I am using it to determine whether or not certain actions are available, depending upon what you've done before, so there's actually a game-like quality to this that wasn't there in release 0. That's a plus, even if most people might not notice it.