Mutating mutators

Today saw the game becoming playable, which had a delightfully predictable impact on productivity while we all played it instead of writing it.

My morning started with a pull of the repo revealing hodgestar's delightful commit 177: "Snake that moves (my god that was an epic struggle)." That paved the way for slacking off at work and adding support for the snake and its environment to affect each other. By mid-afternoon, we could be painted in an exciting variety of colours and eat frogs to learn how to breathe underwater.

Knocking-off time arrived then, and we mostly congregated at our Designated Wednesday Work Area to get in some quality yelling and gesticulating about whether we needed a more complex level format. drnlm couldn't make it (some weak excuse about a broken car or something), but he alternated between working on the level editor and posting snide comments in IRC. (We won't mention the time he spent adding various team members on Google+ instead of coding.)

Just as our enthusiasm was starting to flag in the face of adversity and starvation, the nice delivery person brought us Asian food. (One day we'll write a game about eating insufficiently sticky rice with chopsticks.) We spent supper time discussing more mutators and things to add, and dumped a huge load of fresh art generation work on confluence, who has been keeping up admirably.

By this time, tumbleweed had finished faffing about with widget focus and the like and dove into making some animations animate. (I celebrated this by almost immediately breaking the code that closed the snake's mouth after eating, but that was fixed before the jaw became permanently dislocated.

While we were all engaged with the above, Resprove (our newest team member) quietly built a sadistic level using all the mutators available to him so far:

(His level was a bit different from this and was rather harder to complete. On the other hand, it was a decent demonstration of how fun the game is to play. I think we have a winner here.)

There was some more stuff that happened after this, but that shall have to remain mysterious for now. If I don't wrap up this diary entry now, my laptop shall fall on my face and damage something important and nobody wants that.

Edit: Whoops, I forgot teleporters. Teleporters are made out of win, pixels and really subtle bugs.They'll add an interesting perspective to future levels.