Day 3/4: little progress

The only thing that seems to have worked well in this time is the art. We now have a large amount of it finished.

I started yesterday trying to get collision detection working. 10 hours later and it still didnt work.
Today I spent another 3 hours on it before I had a new idea. I converted all player movements to use the A* algorithm so that the player would dodge the rocks and not worry about collision detection. That failed to work too.
For some reason the player still moved through the rocks and a whole host of bugs appeared, and the game speed dropped to about 1 frame a second.
After ditching that idea I finally got the collision detection working a few minutes a go, after spending approximatly 15 hours on it. :/
Now its back to getting the rest of the game working.

Hopefully we'll have enough time to come back from that major set-back.