Day 4 Morning - The story is progressing

Yesterday we started working on the story finally. We had a nice idea and are following the idea now. I hope the complexity doesn't kill us. This is a graphical display of the story so far:

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I dunno, it's branchy in places but pretty straight in others. Once you get through the difficult spots the rest should not be too difficult, although I don't know what the implentation looks like. As long as you keep the complexity from reaching maniac mansion levels, you should be OK :)
yes there are branchy spots and straighter ones, don't worry no tricky tricky decisions there though. It will all result into larger branches rather than small nestlets..
I saw a talk by Zach Weiner who's currently writing a choose-your-own-adventure novel and analyzed graphs like this for existing novels. He said you can tell the type of novel based solely on the graph. The example he gave is that "game" novels (where you have to keep track of stats and things) will have an overall linear structure with frequent "pinch" points.

So how many times will I need to play this game to get the whole experience? I'm not sure what I would consider an ideal number, but somewhere between 3 and 12. :)
Cosmologicon right now the numbers are already huge, although some of it is very minor, probably more than 7, less than 10 times.