Day 4: Doing something I've never done before this late

I'm starting over. Almost from scratch. Usually I plan quite a bit during the theme-choosing week and then take the coding week off from work completely with saved-up vacation. Unfortunately last week was my first week of work at my new job and taking week 2 off would have been pretty unacceptable. So I planned light in comparison to my previous PyWeeks. But apparently not light enough to be able to polish it to the degree that I wanted. So I'm switching to something entirely different than a 2-person co-op alien shooter: a simple puzzle-style game with an incredibly small number of rules. Hopefully this isn't a mistake. 

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I started making my game, my prototype didn't work right so I rewrote it today.

About 2 hours of coding afresh.
Haha, good luck =)

At least you've started -- I sat down on Monday with a netbook only to find out I couldn't install a recent build of pygame without updating my OS (ubuntu) or building from source... needless to say I didn't get much done <_<