Alison in Wonderland - Day 3

Well i have progressed a bit in the game, i have ditched the flying player sprite that i had before for a much smaller walking player, and have got her to run around and jump and not fall though stuff, but she is able to sick to walls and climb, wall jump off them, which you shouldn't be able to. So that is one thing that needs to be fixed.

I have also sped up the rendering of the game now alot, so that i can comfortably run multiple instances of the game at 60fps as opposed to one at 20fps. This has led to the drawback of all blocks being greyscale for now because i don't know how to color a texture while i blit them to much bigger texture so i need to come up with a solution to that.

Last of all i have scrounged up a sprite for an enemy that is able to lurk in the dark, killing you with a single touch, turn on the lights and it will freeze.

Don't Blink

Thanks to "th3squirr3l" from the Teraria forums who made the sprite.