End of Day 2 - Nothing Done Today

I'm really embarrassed. I have gotten nothing done today. This is really upsetting for me, but I'll try not to rant too much.

Nothing. Nothing done for my game.

I'm really sorry. I give myself a really low chance for completing this game. I don't know what to do next.

Peace, love, and a third noun,

--- Akake

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Me neither. Just keep marching on. And limiting scope :)
There is still plenty of time left.  There is lots of room in the competition for shorter, simpler games.  Just take an idea and try to really focus on getting it into the game.
or maybe you'd work better in a team environment.  i've found its nice when i have a definite task to complete because it frees me from trying to do everything at once.  my teammate dropped out, want to do some graphics?

I'm kind of hoping just to get my current game done for this compo, but I'd be happy to team up for Pyggy if you're interested! :)  I can probably manage some okay graphics, too. But for PyWeek, I'm kind of sticking to what I said I'd do but scaling it way back. Pyggy would be a great opportunity to work with a team, though, and I'd love to.


I'm gonna take today (Tuesday) to get some other things done. My game will be really simple, but hopefully it'll go okay still. I definitely want to take it easy. Enough competitive behavior for me. I'll save being competitive for Ludum Dare. :P

Certainly Pyggy can be a competition for me, though. ^_^
cool!  let me know when that time comes around.  it seems like i may get mine done, but it will most certainly need some polish