Its late, I'm tired of art

Its winding down to about 2:30 AM, I've been working on my pygame since about 8 or so pm, so I think I took a good chunk out of it. At least I know EXACTLY how I want the game to be played now.

I started on redoing the ninja so he's now a cool super cyber ninja

but then I tried to do a full walking animation and its turning out to be a challenge. You can tell how tired I am by the fact that each frame gets messier :)

Oh well, a lot of fixing to be done. If you want to see what my screen looked like about 10:45pm last night, check out

Ok, enough diary, sleep time.

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Sounds like great progress!
looks awesome - reminds me of one of my favorite games of all time - elevator action.
Yeah, I was thinking that too. That was such a cool game :)
:) yeah that was the original "wouldn't it be cool" type of thought I had. Then I started thinking about teleporters, control panels, ways to fire/slash, different elements of the shadowy stuff.

Elevator Action Returns is also a GREAT game.