Toward the End of Day 1

I have lots of half-implemented features, all critical to the game. I am bouncing between them, which means that this thing is gonna go through a phase where it's coming together really freaking quickly because I'm finishing all of these different things.

Part of that is the artwork. I've got several hours' worth of player character art to make and probably another several hours' worth of terrain and backdrop art. When I get that completely finished, this thing is gonna fly together for a while. Until then, progress will definitely be slow. After that, it'll follow a more sane pace.

Here's how the game works. Every map has three regions: Hot, temperate, and cold. There are also three tiers of terrain: Underground with dirt that the creature can dig through, the ground with room for the creature to run, and the trees with branches for the creature to climb on.

His body varies in two ways: Fur length and leg strength. Heat makes his fur shorter, cold makes it longer. Digging makes his front legs strong and his back legs weak, jumping makes his back legs strong and his front legs weak. Moderate temperatures make his fur approach medium length and running makes his legs balanced. If his fur is long, he gets hot more easily and if his fur is short, he gets cold more easily. If his front legs are weak, he gets tired easily when digging and if his back legs are weak he does not jump very high and gets tired easily from jumping. When his front legs are strong, he runs awkwardly (kind of the way a bulldog runs) and if his back legs are strong he hops (like a rabbit); if his legs are balanced then he runs quickly.

Each of these mutations has two levels; the first level is somewhat specialized where the second is very powerful but gets in the way otherwise.

When the game is left alone for about thirty seconds with no input, the creature will wander around and behave however he wants according to an AI routine.

I'm hoping to have the base gameplay (platformer stuffs) done by Tuesday afternoon. That will involve the medium fur/balanced legs player art and the moderate temperature, above-ground terrain art.

Peace, love, and personal growth,

--- Akake