We haz concept

After some brainstorming we have a basic game idea. It'll be a variation of an adventure game called "Gregor Samsa". Initial lines of code were created with a lot of drama in between. Team management is needed.

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Maybe you should go more to the local toilets. I mean, that could help with the drama.
Also you should throw away all the geeky fags in your team.

No one needs: "ohhh but with XY this is more elegant!!!!" fuck em, really I mean,
they are a fun break.

- theodor nuts

CEO grining robot game studio
Nonono determined to win the drama queen award...
Hey, step off! The drama queen award is MINE! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! WWWAAAAAHHHH! I Haate... *ahem*

Heheh, kidding.

But yeah, getting certain people (I think "geeky fags" is a foul term, myself) off of your team is a good idea. No one needs that kind of nonsense when they're trying to have a good time. :)
Btw. the "away all the geeky fags in your team", in my last
response wasn't supposed to be homophobe.

As a friendly coworker just point out to me. It was meant
in the sense, that those guys are fucking annoying naysayers
to everything and block general progress in game dev.

I really don't care what a coder loves.
- theodor nuts

CEO grining robot game studio