Adaptive Critter - A Portrait of an Animal

It looks like I'm doing my idea for "Mutate!" It was my least favorite, but I can learn to love it all the same.

Here's the premise: There is a little creature that mutates according to his environment. He can jump, run, and dig. Some places are hot, some are cold, and some have medium temperature.

In cold, his fur gets longer. In heat, his fur gets shorter. In medium temperatures, his fur goes toward medium length. If he is too hot, he gets exhausted. If he is too cold, he shivers and slows down.

When he digs, his front legs get stronger and his back legs get weaker. When he jumps, his back legs get stronger and his front legs get weaker. When he runs, his legs even out. If he digs when his front legs are weak, he digs slowly and gets tired easily. If he jumps when his back legs are weak, he does not jump high and he falls down easily.

This is meant to be a portrait, and if you leave the game alone the creature will wander and entertain himself without your guidance. It's kind of an interactive, moving painting.

This is meant to have a painting-like art style.

I'm hoping to place well, because I'm feeling competitive. ^_^

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So far I'm seeing a lot of people say this wasn't their favorite. Who voted for it then :)

I have made peace with the fact that I will never place well, and using that peace, perhaps in reverse, I can truly fuel my creativity in a way that will. That's the idea anyway. But I am OK with not placing well at all, as long as I explore my current design bent to the extent I'd like.

I love your premise! I hope you can pull it off. Good luck with the procedural stuff, that sounds like the most difficult part of this plan.