Rendering of the world/maze/arena works pretty well. Some optimations are needed though. The rotational menu system works but needs polishing. Main.py is mostly a test program and thus a mess so I will make a nice class out of the game. Then I can write some code for the characters.

I've decided about the game now. It'll be an adventure/action game taking place in an alien building of some sort. Preliminary story is: My dog ate my homework. My first idea about level design was generating them randomly from a couple of rules. I haven't thought anything more about that yet.

I've modelled a spider and rigged it with armatures. The first thing I did was an attack action, whitch wasn't to hard. But creating a walkcycle for it was slightly harder, so I postponed that for tomorrow. To make the game look like anything that's done I'll have to create, one or two aliens, a couple of droids, some props and of course the hero. I'm mostly worried about the living stuff..

Nothing done yet. Will start tomorrow.

Not to worried yet, I like tight deadlines.