Akake's Entries (Definite Ideas)

With both my post about "code paintings" and Cosmologicon's post about "locking in" his ideas, I'm going to "lock in" my ideas as well.

In the order they appear on the voting page...

More Criticals: You are taking care of a garden, but there are things that you must do which are critical to each plant's growth. For example, a certain flower may need pruning or it will wither, whereas a vegetable might need fertilizer. Some plants may start to require more specialized care as they grow. In its idle state, plants wither a bit but eventually return to a very small state. Also, when plants absolutely need watering, but the game is idle, it will start to rain. The "critical" comes from the fact that the plants require this care and it is "critical" that you give it or they will do badly. The "more" comes from the fact that the plants will require more of this specialized care as they grow.

Mr. Fixit: You are a member of a construction crew that builds houses. However, the other guys are awful at it and you need to go through and fix their mistakes. This means fixing faulty wiring, patching up bad pluming, and repairing bad floors and walls. When you have finished, you can move on to the next house. If you leave the game idle, your character will go off and take a lunch break until you start playing again. The game will use guided procedural generation to make each house.

Mutate: You are a little animal that mutates in various ways depending on what you encounter. If you are in cold places a lot, your fur gets fluffy. If you spend a lot of time climbing, your claws will grow to let you grip things. The game will use guided procedural generation to make each game world, and each game world will have a different climate and topology which lend themselves to different mutations.

Mysterious Stranger: You are a dog that is following a strange man in a long coat and a fedora. You must be sneaky because if he sees you he will stop and pet you, and you won't get to see where he is going. The game will use guided procedural generation to make a continuous world. The game will not let you go too far from the stranger, either. If you fall too far behind, he will stay idle and probably wander around a bit.

Negotiator: You are a man who is talking to a beautiful woman, trying to seduce her. You have a limited vocabulary (a set of symbols which she also uses) and have to think carefully. Neither of you are going anywhere, though her behavior toward you will change with her feelings. If you leave the game idle, she will gradually drift toward a neutral feeling, but if she is feeling intensely in either way the drift will be very slow.

I like these for the most part, but the one for "Mutate!" is my least favorite. My favorite is the idea for "negotiator" since it's fairly unconventional. (A dating sim without text or an ending is unusual, I think)