Warmup Game 0: Zen Breed

Well, after some issues with Panda3D during the other compo, I've decided to give Pyglet and Cocos2D a go. I've had performance issues with Pyglet in the past, but only with games that I wrote. (IE: Others' games worked just fine) Because of this fact, I'm giving Pyglet and Cocos2D another go, and if all goes well will use them for the upcoming compo.

I've decided that after a bunch of burnt-out warmup game attempts that I need to focus on things that I might actually do for PyWeek. To this end, I've come up with something that I've honestly wanted to do for a long time: An Alien Breed clone. I've tried to do this before (it was actually the subject of my first attempt with Cocos2D), but this time I'm going to give it my all.

Because it's just for warmup, I'm going to give myself two weeks to make it. That is, I'm giving myself until 2PM GMT on September 7. (I started at 2PM GMT today, which is 10AM where I'm living)

It will have the following features:
I'm hoping that I can make this happen. I really am.

Currently, I have a tileset for walls, and will make one for floors. I also have sprites for the player holding an assault rifle.

Peace, love, and the simple things in life

--- Akake