Art Attack - Future plans

I'm very pleased with the comments Art Attack received in the judging. I knew about a lot of the issues of balance, though I only had limited time to do play testing during Pyweek.

Multiplayer games tend to evolve in response to users' feedback. I'd like Art Attack to really deliver on its promise, not just for the Pyggys, but because it's a game I enjoy playing. I wanted to have pushed the next version by now, but rating 56 games has consumed a lot of my time since the competition ended.

My target is to deliver one new version each week, so long as there are improvements that can be made and so long as there are people wanting to play. The tracker for the project is

and I'm happy to accept any issues/feedback, or better yet Windows or Mac builds, or patches.

I don't know yet whether I'll be able to meet this target or how close I'll get, so if you want to offer encouragement or just play a game sometime, I'd appreciate that. I'll usually be found idling in the #pyweek IRC channel on Freenode.

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Art Attack 1.0.1 can now be downloaded from Google Code. Changes include:
  • New: increase the rate players can attack
  • New: check for consistent versions across netcode
  • New: better report certain network errors
  • New: synchronise actor positions over the network
  • New: send periodic keepalives / detect interrupted connection
  • Fix: crash on connect when host moves cursor before client has initiated its session
  • Fix: don't set up KeyControllers until the countdown finishes
  • Fix: close the server socket on disconnection
  • Fix: prevent players moving brush while stunned
  • Fix: stun times are synchronised over the network