Fractured Soul available for download

Best pyweek ever! I'm not ready to do a full postmortem, but I want to say that our team put in a ton of work this week. I've been getting about 3 hours of sleep per night and pyweeking non-stop when I'm not at work. I was in charge of level design and I was so into it, I swear I designed two of the levels in my sleep.

I'm really proud of our final result! I hope you enjoy it too!

Download Fractured Soul ] 

If anyone encounters any major bugs, let us know before the upload deadline and we'll fix them!

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Best pyweek ever!

Yay! :-)
Got some bug-related feedback so I uploaded a bugfix release, and updated the above link. Previous version (along with about 500 versions available through our source repository) is still available on our Google code page if you're so inclined! :)
In you import math then from pygame import *. The latter overwrites math with pygame.math, so the call to math.radians() will cause an AttributeError. Switching around the import order fixes it. "import *" is not meant to be used in programs.

The rest of my feedback went into the feedback box :). Thanks for the game, it was pleasantly bug-free otherwise! (The walk cycle is glitchy though.)
Nice, thanks for the detailed error report. We'll definitely get rid of the "import *" for any future releases!

Out of curiosity, what pygame version do you have? I don't see any pygame.math module mentioned in the documentation, and when I try "from pygame import math" it gives me an error.
Ah, I might have some funny pygame version then...
>>> import pygame
>>> pygame.version.ver

>>> dir(pygame.math)
['Vector2', 'Vector3', 'VectorElementwiseProxy', 'VectorIterator', '_PYGAME_C_API', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__', 'disable_swizzling', 'enable_swizzling']

>>> pygame.math.__doc__
'pygame module for vector classes'
Ah yeah, must be new in 1.9.2, it's not showing up for me in 1.9.1. Definitely good to know. Thanks again!