Art Attack - last minute README.txt addendum

PLEASE do try to play multiplayer before judging. I added a network mode to make that more feasible.
Key bindings are in artattack/ - you might need to change them. 

The default server port is 9067. You may need to open a port in your firewall to host a game. There are command line options for starting a server on a different port.

I'm going to propose using the official #pyweek channel on Freenode for setting up games.
You can use any picture with an indexed palette, not just the pre-supplied ones. Just drop it into data/paintings/. Images with a 3:2 ratio whose dimensions are factors of 320 and 240, with ~4-8 colours work best (players can only hold 6 colours). In network games, the client doesn't need a copy of the image, because it is transferred from the host before the game starts.