Loopback - nine times as awesome as a game without loopback ...

So we're done! Unlike previous PyWeeks in which we've been able to devote literally several hundred person-hours to making ridiculously ambitious games, sixteen hours ago all we had was a rough gameplay skeleton and some moving squares. Anyway, we pitched in with gusto; here's the result.

LOOPBACK is an arena shooter in which you must defend the core from a host of invading enemies. Ultimately, the number of enemies arriving during the forty-five seconds of the game is far too many to take on; fortunately, you can travel back through time to rejoin yourself in fighting off the attackers, eventually weathering the assault a total of nine times. It features retro graphics incorporating several of your favourite geometric shapes and the ability to fight alongside eight past copies of yourself amidst a hundred-strong horde of exploding invaders.

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Awesome gameplay idea - can't wait to try it out :-)
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