Dead end, moving on

After hitting a glitch with pgu's FileDialog (whether the glitch is with me or with pgu, I am not readily sure), I am scrapping its use (FileDialog, still using pgu) and moving to a cludge, why pick what you can hard code. This is a specific use utility, not general purpose, so hardcoding, though icky, is perfectly reasonable given the time frame. Maybe I'll have time to revisit the issue when time is not so fleeting.

Other than that, I have heard good things from Skaro about our game engine, so I figure we are making good progress. It's only Monday. I'll panic Wednesday, then think we're doing amazingly well on Thursday. Then it will be a full out fit of activity until the deadline.

So says I.

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lol :)
I just recieved this:
Thanks for finding the issue. I've added the fix to svn, or you can paste these lines to the end of data/themes/default/config.txt

dialog.title.label font Vera.ttf 16
dialog.title.label color #000000

So, I whipped out my laptop and fired up my editor. Presto magico! The crash has disappeared!!! (Now I go back to working, like I should be doing.)

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