Best laid plans

So.  A friend of mine needed me today.  And needs me tomorrow.  This is going to have a negative impact on the game.

I've still been working on it -- I printed out the source code and took it with me to various waiting rooms today.  And I'll do the same tomorrow -- actually, if I can get it typed in and debugged I might have a chance to at least have a player, missile and target operational.

No new screenshots, though. :-(  i could show my scribbled notes.

To be optimistic -- I want to finish this for my daughter to actually use to help her out with her multiplication tables.  Since she's doing the art, I think I can at least get her to play it once or twice. :-)

This will be the second game I've written just for my daughter -- the first was when she was 2.  I wrote a program using Blitz Basic that simply responded to any keypress or mouse click by drawing a large, brightly colored geometric object randomly on a screen.

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Filenames on Linux are case-sensitive, so I had to change the extensions of your image from GIF to gif and JPG to jpg to get it to work. Just so you know. :)

So.... did you get a chance to implement any gameplay? The readme says something about multiplication but I don't see anything like that in the game.
They are case sensitive on all unix systems and unix likes, that includes all Gnu, Linux, Mac, BSD, and minix based systems.