Having to admit defeat

Well time has been against me and I'm gonna have to admit defeat.  As I will not be able to complete my game in the week.

But from taking part in my first pyweek I have several lessons I have learned.

i.) preparation.  I should have a better idea for all themes during the voting, got seriously caught out with no real idea.

ii.) resources.  Should be clued up on where to get graphics/sounds ahead of time or work in a team rather than flying solo.

iii.) making time available.  I have only spent a fraction of the time available this week to the game.  Work, kids, family visiting, getting drunk etc have all taken priority.

iv.) unforeseen circumstances, (standing room only on the train, lost me one journeys coding, flat battery on laptop cost me another, lack of swap space caused pc to fail to resume from hibernation lost me another half a journey.)

Having said all that.  I "did" achieve a fully functioning game, albeit a scruffy rough around the edges, silent game in the time.

I am uploading early as the weekend will be spent decorating and enjoying the rare joy of a sunny weekend with friends.

Hopefully I'll see the game through to fruition at some point and I trip my hat to the other coders who have achieved far more in the same time frame.

That being said python is a kick-ass language and I am now enjoying the pleasure of coding with it during my day job as well as a hobby ;)