Interesting Times: Final sprint begins

Right, this is it -- I have one day left in which to turn this into a finished game.

Fortunately it looks like I'll actually get a full day, for the first time this pyweek. Been interrupted by work far too much this time. :-(

It's 7am and I've had 5 hours of sleep. Hopefully caffeine, adrenaline and a rising sense of panic will see me through.

Progress: I have random news items appearing on the map. I can direct a reporter to one of them and she will find her way there without having to go cross-country.

To do: Make the runners stop after a couple of hours instead of working all day and night. Display news items as headlines instead of numbers. Make it possible to hire extra reporters and runners. Make the computer player capable of actually playing. Make the status and control area not look like total crap. Hmmm, quite a long way to go. Time to stop journalising and get coding.

I will not read any messages before starting. Closing browser now. NOW!!!

P.S. Daily screenshot: