Themes discussion

So I had fun opening the sealed themes package this morning... I'm not sure I personally have a favourite yet. I like 'em all :)

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There's clearly some usage of subliminal messages to influence the voters with the numbered list and all ;)
Whoops, fixed :)
[02:36] <dbickett> these themes are hilarious
[02:36] <dbickett> nothing like the previous ones
[02:36] <dbickett> i think i like them better :)
[02:36] <dbickett> all of the old themes were abstract and could be adapted to any game
[02:36] <dbickett> these really make you think
[02:36] <dbickett> i just can't decide which i do and don't like ;)
Hmmm. Good themes. They definitely are better than the older ones.

Personally, I think the steam theme would be the most fun, somebody elses trash could be fun too.
I'm unable to think how to come up with a game based
on the theme "somebody else's trash" any ideas?
simon: funnily enough the first thing I thought was "oh, it runs on Steam?" referring of course to the (in)famous software distribution system :)

gizmo: I'm working through the themes trying to write down at least a basic idea for each one. I've only got one done so far, though there's a lot of vague thoughts running around my head.

I have such a cool idea for "It runs on steam!" ... now I just need cool ideas for all the rest :)
i have some ideas for mind the gap and some one else's trash.. i just hope i get something good for others as well :D
I'm trying to come up with a good idea that uses *all* of those themes together. That way I'm set no matter what! ;) Of course, that might end up being a bad Frankenstein of ideas though. I've got different individual ideas for everything *but* the Friction one...still thinking on that.
Pyro here is what you should do: You are in charge of managing a steam powered garbage disposal. The cylinders need constant attention and oiling, however garbage is constantly coming down threw the chutes(and on the end of which are doors). You also have to be care jumping around because you might fall through a gap betwen machinery and die. How about that for a franken idea?
Hehe. Nice.
Nice, eugman :)
gg :)
Most of my team is on vacation during the pyweek time. Is it possible for us to get an extension, or do we have to do a game in a day? Or, may we start work on the game a little sooner, leaving the details for the next week Sunday when we get back and the theme has been announced? Thanks, Diwant
You must begin and end development of the game in the week of the challenge.

Well, there's nothing stopping you developing the game further after the week, but your peers will be judging you on what is developed during the week.

Myself and my teammate actually have a major chemistry paper due the week of Pyweek, but we're just going to have to grin and bear it. It's terribly frustrating, but there's nothing that can be done (except doing school work in advance, if anyone's ever heard of such a thing!)
Actually now that I think about it if the garbage theme wins out I might use my franken idea. Of course It's going to be abit hard without sprites or much programming knowledge. hehe.
I've not been able to compete in *any* of the LD48 competitions or the last PyWeek one because of other commitments. It's annoying as hell, but that's just the way it is. Doesn't mean you can't enter something though. The fun of these things is to see what you can achieve in a limited time. Who knows what will crop up next week once the competition is under way? I may find myself with only the odd night free, and that's why I'll be working on something that can be completed to a basic working level in a couple of days, and then using whatever time I have left to tweek the gameplay, add additional eye-candy and audio, design extra levels (if necessary) etc. Coming up with a design which is going to take pretty much a full week to implement would be rather foolish.
Re: a franken idea

Here's an idea that includes all of the themes!

You have a trash eating trailer that is pulled along behind a car by a rope/chain. Because of the rope/chain you must MIND THE GAP between the trailer and the car (i.e. when the car brakes) by using your own brakes on the trailer to slow it down so it doesn't hit the car, but don't use too much brakes(A FRACTION TOO MUCH FRICTION) otherwise the tyres are destroyed and the chain/rope might snap. You can steer the trailer so that it "eats" SOMEONE's ELSE'S TRASH on the side of the road. then this trash goes into the machine and is used as fuel to make steam since the machine RUNS ON STEAM! The steam is pressurised and used to shoot SOMEONE'S ELSE'S TRASH at people houses, specifically their DOORWAYS (extra points).

Oh yeah? I can top that!

You are a air gliding garbage man. You travel from cliffside to cliffside dropping garbage. It's quite a long gap and the garbage adds air friction so you have to use the steam from geisers to rise up. You aim is to drop the garbage into little cellar door looking things.

WHICH lead back to my primary franken idea as the dropped off garbage reaches the steam powered underground trash compactor that needs oiling and has deadly gaps in the machinery. Hah!