Subtle successes

Not much large-scale structural change today, but quite a number of little cleanups and tweaks to our existing behaviour.

The list above represents more work than it looks like, and not very much of it was done by me. Besides the general day-job craziness (too many major deadlines landing in the same week), I spent part of the evening pleasantly engaged in dinner with a trio of charming women. They didn't even seem to mind that much when I rushed off between courses to debate the virtues of Newtonian versus Aristotelian physics for player motion in the game.

All in all, a fairly successful midweek day. We have tentative plans to get together tomorrow evening for some group hacking, which should give us a bit of a productivity boost. Being able to gesticulate wildly while extolling the virtues of one's pet implementation detail adds a certain air of madcap enthusiasm to the proceedings, provided one remembers not to do so while holding a bowl of miso soup.

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I'm digging the enthusiasm.
Good progress! Nice curlicues :-)
Confluence was the force behind the curlicues. She came up with the idea and wrote the code that auto-generates them from a tiling background image and a set of layer masks.
@superjoe Now I just need to convince work that I can get pyweek leave instead of paternity leave.