Interesting Times: First milestone

Or perhaps just a footstone. I now have the bare beginnings of a level editor. The screenshot shows the tile palette, containing one 16x16 grass tile, which is selected.

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I highly recommend you switch to an already made level editor. I started out this PyWeek making my own level editor, like you did, but I realized it was going to be too much work to be useful. We need to spend our time working on the actual game, not the level editor.

So now I'm using Tiled. If you use that, DR0ID created a python module to automatically load the level for you. It supports both pygame and pyglet. HUGE time saver.

You can even set it up with a run command so that F5 in Tiled runs your game with that level.
First post on PyWeek for me :D

I'm using Tiled as well. It's yet another great way to concentrate your coding efforts on just logic, and not spend time on other stuff.
I highly recommend you switch to an already made level editor.

I'm not starting from scratch, I'm leveraging a lot of code that I've been incorporating into Humerus over the last few pyweeks. Also the level editor isn't really separate from the game -- by the time it's done, much of the play-time data structures and logic will be there as well. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. :-)