What was I thinking!

Having only paritally completed a pygame game over the space of about 18 months in my space time I throw myself into a comp to write a game in a week.

Full time job, 4 kids and a busy week. Progress has been slow so far but I'm not going down without a fight.

Coding on the train without wifi access is testing my coding skills without the crutch of the internet.

But today I think I've turned the corner and got into my stride.

Took a while to think of a concrete idea for the theme but I think I have something achievable for now.

Parked the idea of doing my own graphics just for sheer time available (and I love drawing!)

Well thats all for the diary cos I gotta code.

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I think I would liken the Internet more to a wild stallion than to a crutch. Best of luck!
I'm in the same boat.  :-)  Only one kid, but two jobs.  You can do it!