So we decided to make a game about the Fukushima accident

We had a brainstorming session yesterday to figure out what kind of game we should make. We had all kind of crazy ideas. But in the end we realized this: We don't want to make some random funny game. We want to create something that takes notice of current events in the real world. We want to tackle difficult topics. We want to make a game about something substantial.

So we decided to make a game about the Fukushima accident.

We are trying to make a serious game. About consequences - in a situation where you can't win - only loose less.

You are in charge of a nuclear power plant, which has been severely damaged in an earthquake. Now you have to do your best to minimize the damage. But you can only try nine things to bring the situation under control again. Nine times you have to make hard decisions - will they be the right ones?

We are aware that we might not win in the fun category this time. But we will try our best to create something that is worth experiencing and also shows the appropriate respect to the current situation in Japan.

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That sounds really hard to make from a developer's perspective. Good luck!
Bravo with the bold choices! Good luck with it!
Thats a very good choice! I think it will be fun! Good luck.
Cool -- there was a game for the Atari 400/800 called -- mmm -- Meltdown?  No - SCRAM -- found it:

I think this is a great idea.  I like the idea that you can't "win".
DF, Losing is fun