End of Day 1

Status: Tired, Hungry, Have to Pee

Idea: Side scrolling platformer. You're an odd-shaped lemming-like creature leading a stampede of 9 clones. When you die control is instantly transferred to the next one behind you. Your death affects the environment, so a large part of the gameplay will be suiciding yourself in order to get the next guy behind you to safety. Dying should be fun and comedic.



Source code on GitHub

Lines of code so far: 612

Decided to go with a tile-based level format.

I got hung up for a while on pyglet's inverted Y axis but I'm getting used to it now.

Having some trouble keeping the frame rate up. I have it up to about 24 but that's not even with a complete level. I'm hoping I won't have to mess with OpenGL directly, as I always encounter bugs that take hours upon hours to find when I do. I'm using pyglet's batch sprite API currently.

Next up on the TODO list is to create more interesting tile types and implement the physics for them. Maybe then getting a parallax background going (hard part is finding/creating the art). I think I'll save animation for later. I'd rather focus on my strengths (programming) and get some good gameplay going, and then if I have time I can make the animation happen. Really wishing I had an artist on board at this point.

Well, time for an 8-hour nap and then it's back to work!

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Nifty idea. 
I had performance problems with Pyglet when using VBOs on ATI drivers under Linux.

I had to monkey-patch Pyglet to disable the use of VBOs globally. Example code is in my previous game.
Thanks for the tip - I used your monkey-patching code but it doesn't make a difference for me. I'll keep it in the options in case it's an issue for somebody.
Great idea -- and I just discovered github through your post.  Thanks!