Before Competition

Only a few hours left to go. I've been able to think of ideas for all the themes except one. So if that one becomes the official theme, I will be really upset and probably end up not doing the competition altogether (unless I think of something in the next few hours).

I'm a student at Georgia Tech, so finding time to work on this project will be tricky. However, I have done a lot of work with PyGame in the last few months, so hopefully I won't have many major programming issues. I can create graphics using the GIMP, but not anything fantastic. As for sounds and music, I'm not sure what I'll do.

I do think that at the very least, I will be able to complete making the game within the week.


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And now I just realized that my dairy entries will be posted on the messages page.
Um...okay then...o_O

WHOOOO GT! Glad to see more than just alumni throwing in =)
Go Jackets! Don't eat any fish from Britain Dining Hall during PyWeek. It periodically gives people food poisoning. 
Uh, don't eat anything from Britain?
Just curious, what is the theme that you don't have an idea for? I have a pretty solid idea for every theme except Sausage King.
Unfortunately, I live in Smith, and the walk to Britain is EXTREMELY convenient...wait...I'm competing against alumni?...crap, I'm just a freshman. XD

I have ideas for everything except Coughlin Brothers Mortuary.

Oh boy, here we go...
13 minutes to go.