Well, we are about three days away from the beginning of the challenge, and I think it's fair to say one thing: please, please, please, PLEASE don't let "Coughlin Brothers Mortuary" be the chosen theme!

I guess everyone is doing the same thing I do - that is, think about 5 possible game ideas (or, let's be honest, think about two game ideas and bend the artwork to fit in more than one theme...) and pray for they favorite one to be the chosen one. When it comes to C.B.M., however, every single idea I have involves caskets exploding, flying corpses, rolling heads and stuff like that, and while a little black comedy is not too bad, a whole game is... well, a little too much :P

Well, back to the drawing board. I still have to think something for "A Fry Cook on Venus", or at least something not too obvious. I thought I could play a little with gravity, but it turns out the gravity on Venus is almost the same as on Earth... Why couldn't you choose "A Fry Cook on Jupiter", Pyweek?

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When you have so much ideas, I think, I got to discuss with you to get some ideas on the theme topics. For the people who lack the cultural context as well new to pygames, all titles seem to be equally hard puzzles. :)
I'm desperately hoping for A Fry Cook on Venus, myself. It's followed closely by Sausage King.
Har! The mortuary is the theme with our best idea (just a manic 2d sprites chasing each other around sort of thing... with comedy corpse dragging)
We want to make a game where your characters are ponies, so we voted for warm and soft first.

We can sort of manage with nine times. Sausage king, a fry cook on venus and the mortuary are kind of tricky topics to fit ponies in.
What about delicious undead ponies? :D
@phoe6: I think most of the topics are a bit strained this time (and I have no cultural dissonance to deal with); it's not just you. For a couple of them, I suspect I won't bother participating if they come up, since having to review 25 instances of morgue humour in the Coughlin Brohters Mortuary, for example, will be a bit boring. Maybe some people will love it, but not for me.

Still, for three of the topics I have two ideas that I can probably bend to use. I've spent more time thinking about the tech I want to try and implement and an order for doing things. Re-reading some old technical articles from my "things I want to try one day" list.
I also not keen on the Mortuary theme. I would prefer "a fry cook on venus". Now if only Stephen Fry,Natalie Cook and Venus Williams return my calls... :-)
I don't think you have to be exact. You could play around with the gravity on Venus and make it kinda funky, just like the theme.
I've got a lot of physics homework to get ahead on before the start date comes up...