First diary entry and post mortem

Hi folks,

this was a strange pyweek. For example now, after the pyweek (at least the programming stuff) ends, i have time to write my first diary entry.

My main problem was to find a satisfying game idea for the theme. At first i thought twisting the normal understanding of caught by making a game where the player wants to get caught, was a good and simple idea. Imagine an ogre who wants to get caught by soldiers so they throw him into jail where his love waits for him, but the soldiers run away, as soon as they spot the ogre.

But i was unsure how to implement the pathfinding for escaping soldiers in a week and besides i wasn't sure taht this could become a fun game to play.

So at the 5th day the idea for "Lantern Defender" was born....

You are a spider, sitting in a net around a lantern. There are moths approaching for the lantern and you have to stop them. Otherwise the lantern would become darker with each moth hitting it. So stun the moths by shooting them, run to them and catch them.

So basically it's an action tower defense game with a spider and moths!

Great, isn't it?