All systems go!

We have a complete game, including (almost) everything we wanted to put into it.

This has been an epic adventure, full of obstacles to overcome and a hostile universe to battle against. And our pyweek experience was pretty cool too.

We have a malicious computer. We have failing life support systems. We have lots of skeletons scattered about the place. We have rooms full of vacuum. We have gigantic mutant broccoli. But none of these can stop us, because we also have a fishbowl and about a parsec of duct tape.

The final day started with a leisurely breakfast and strategy session at a local garden centre, which ended with a dash to our coding venue (thanks, boss!) and mugs of coffee all around.

The major outstanding items were artwork (colouring several backgrounds, drawing lots of small items) and hooking up the game logic. We didn't really have much engine work to do, beyond fixing bugs as we found them and adding a handful of minor improvements that came to us during testing. Much rewriting of descriptions and dialogue happened as well, and our Editor in Chief (also our Art Director) only found one glaring tyop after the final upload. (We're calling it memory corruption in the centuries-old computer system and pretending it's an easter egg.)

I think we've managed to strike a balance between interesting puzzles and a game that's easy enough to finish in the amount of time a typical pyweek judge can devote to it. We also uploaded a complete walkthrough to help people who get stuck making a helmet out of the aforementioned fishbowl and duct tape.

The speedrun record is currently held by stefanor (1:48) who cheated by being faster than the rest of us. And not forgetting about the detergent bottle in the mess hall.

Now, to sleep.

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Just tried again. 1:29. I think 1 minute is quite doable.
My best is now 2:06.