(nearly)Final Count of content

So before the final zip is deployed, I thought i'd add up how much was in our project, because it's been a crazy week.  Keep in mind every single item here was done during pyweek by our team.  
  • 22 cut-scenes
  • 28 dialogs
  • 880 different tile images
  • 20 character portraits
  • 38 animated sprites 
  • 32 UI element graphics
  • 19 miscellaneous images
  • 5500 lines of python code
  • 168 maps
  • 15 musical pieces
  • 22 sound effects
  • 3 utility programs to help create content
Hopefully we'll have a totally finished upload ready in the next hour and forty minutes.  Lots of last minute bug fixes and map area verifications to do.

 Edit: fontsets were apparently CC.

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almost every item, we took the fonts from CC sources on the internets.
Impressive! I'd really like to try PyWeek as part of a large team sometime.
It's awesome but also a bit of a logistical nightmare -- I really want to talk to the Jitters team and see how they organized themselves.
I was mostly just doing my own thing doing art, making whatever people asked for and whatever seemed like a good idea.  I imagine it would have been a more complicated role to play programming or working on maps, which would have required more organization with other members of the team.