Ideas, Ideas...

So the contest started yesterday (Sat) at 5pm for me. Now its Sunday afternoon, I slept on it, and I am still not entirely sure on which idea I am going to stick with.

I was sketching up some thoughts, and I've got Ninja Training, Hack & Disappear, and a cool Snipe/Find Items that I got the main character drawn up for.

Ninja Training - You're a ninja in training who has to get through various rigorous training exercises, until you finally have to learn to truly disappear.

Hack & Dissapear - a gauntlet style open up a box, avoid and destroy the robots that are coming after you, get the required data files, and leave through the exit.

Snipe/Find Items - you have different levels in a building, and you must hide while sniping enemies. You collect certain items from sniping certain enemies, but you have to avoid getting detected after firing!

I still have more ideas floating around, but "Disappearing Act" is a bizarre theme that I was not expecting.