End of day ¿3?, first diary entry

Well, I think this is my third day of work in the competition. As in the previous 2 compos, I do not have a great idea for the game, however I'll keep going in order to try to finish a PyWeek game for my very first time. I'm trying to develop a 2D game, (looking like a RPG one), in which you have to infiltrate some kind of enemy headquarters in order to rescue your mates, who were caught by hostile troops, and to escape alive from your enemy base. I know, the idea sucks, and isn't original nor creative; Anyways, I'm having a fun time while trying to finish this game. Here's a screenshot attached. Right now the terrain is an example map from Tiled Map Editor, and the sprites are from a free collection available on the Web. I hope I can create some graphics myself before the PyWeek 11 deadline. At the moment I've implemented the camera handling (scrolling and zoom), the main character movement, I'm randomly placing some objects on the scenario (like houses and soldiers), and finally the enemy soldiers can patrol between two points.