Lasers and sharp things

Disaster struck this morning when one of our team members was laid low with the Lurgi. Despite this, we made some solid progress during the day (mostly in compiling! time) and in the evening.

We now have inventory items that can interact with each other, build/package scripts for most platforms, an assortment of debugging tools, better sound handling and a laser welder in the machine room.

The bulk of the remaining work is in the content -- plot, art, hooking items and interactions up to each other. We're in a pretty good position, but it'll be a bit tight getting everything finished on time. We'll probably have to leave out most of the "optional extras" we've been saving for slack time.

And on that note, I'm going to get a few hours of shut-eye before trudging over to the day-job code mines tomorrow. Happy pyweeking. all. Cheerio.

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Looking good!