Getting started

I stayed up last night until the theme was decided, then I went to bed, still with no idea. Today we've decided what game we will make. I've made some concept sketches and joypad support for the game while Teppic is making the framework, sprite classes and stuff.

The game will be 2.5D (we use sprites in a side-scroller manner, but backgrounds may be 3-dimensional). The game will most probably be about an alien that had been captured by humans, and now has to escape (or disappear) out of their base. The one thing that the humans didn't know when they put him in the cage is that he has a special power: if he gets in touch with liquid, he can turn liquid himself. To win the game you must escape through sewers, air vents, toilets and more, taking on the shape of water, glue or coffee etc.

As of now we think the game will be a puzzle game with several or many levels, every level a part of the human base.

No pictures yet though.

Skalle on 2006/09/03 18:06 of skellapptice