Brand new version! Now with real chaotic stuff

Just uploaded the first chaotic version of the game.

Also an intermediate stage with just some aesthetic issues and story.

Score 10 points for the first chaotic stage: The Stadium Billiard

Seems easy, doesn't it?

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No it does not. :)

It's kind of fun to see the balls bouncing off at all angles. But as a game, it's way too hard. It took me 12 minutes to get 10 points. That's much longer than most people are going to play the game if all they see is square billiards. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take you to get to 10 points?

Also, I'm sure it's probably standard billiards rules, but I would lose the -1 penalty on a missed shot. That's really frustrating. :)
The rules are not real at all.

I agree that it is too much hard. Maybe I'll make it jump faster (just 2 or 3 points) for arriving faster to the interesting chaotic stages.

And about the -1 rule... I also think it was not a good idea. I'll remove it at least for the first stages.

Now I'm fighting with a stupid bug but will add more shapes soon.