Getting up to Speed

So, one day later we're ON! The team got some trouble to meet on the first day and on the second only partial meetings were possible. 

But, here we are, moving forward. And moving forward is the idea of our (untitled) game. To prevent yourself from being caught by some YTBDVPM (yet to be defined vicious pursuing menace) you must run forward as fast as you can and while you're at it you might as well do your very best parkour moves.

So, I met with santagada and we sketched some of the basic moves for the game:

Later I went home, were leticia__n sketched a neat background for our city landscape:

 I think that's a very stylish city. If we keep it that way we'll have a unique style and that's totally awesome :)

Well, time to write some code, this game won't get made by itself. See ya!

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oh, nice!
Looks promising.
the artwork looks really neat..