Partners wanted for Pyggy

Assuming there's going to be a Pyggy competition like before, I'd be interested in a team. (For people who don't know, you get to expand and develop a Pyweek game over three months.) The only thing is that I hope to have at least three people on the team. If there's just two of us, I might prefer to enter individually.

If I wind up going solo, I'll probably do my Pyweek #9 game, but I'm open to doing any game as a team!

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I'm still working on my "game" from this challenge. Trying to figure out where the game is :-)
Okay, if you happen to get a team together, let me know, I'll definitely be interested in joining! I'm looking forward to seeing the result. :)
I'm not sure if I'm going to get any help from the rest of my team cleaning up Oscilliscape for the pyggys, so anyone who is so inspired would be welcome to join in w/ working on that.
Well, same deal with you, bjorn. If you do get a team going, let me know and I'll join up!

Either way, you two should sign up on the Pyggy page! It's lonely there now!