Endless Path REQUIRES Python 2.6 and cython 0.12.1

And cython 0.12.1

As mentioned in the README :-)

If you don't use these versions you will get a crash either at startup or as the game proper starts.

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I think it can be a misunderstanding here: in windows at least the really required is python 2.6.
The cython dependency is about some aceleration, but the game is pretty playable without:
Without cython, and in old hardware ( amd sempron simple core 1.65Ghz, gforce 6600) I get mostly 29.50 fps, with some spike-downs to 26 fps.
Next time you're releasing something that uses Pyrex or Cython, distribute the generated C files along with a setup.py that uses them. Pyrex/Cython itself should only be required if someone wants to modify the .pyx files.
@greg yeah, I need to sort out how to distribute the cython stuff properly, including bundling built versions, that still allows me to use pyximport during development...