Uh oops

Well, at around half past one last night (the competition ended at two where I live), I decided that I needed some sound. As such I fixed some public domain piano music (musopen.org) and threw it in quite randomly before each level, so that there would be at least some music in the game.

When I created the tgz it trurned out that my entry was in a class of it's own. The size is a staggering 52.8 MB (that's way more than twice the size of any other entry) for a game consisting of 3 levels and 4 cutscenes. Of course the problem was that I hadn't taken into account that I wouldn't need 10-20 minutes of music for each level, and thus hadn't removed anything from the original recordings. Additionally I had converted everything from mp3 to ogg, which resulted in (most likely due to me being tired) two 20 MB music files and one and one 7 MB music file.

Of course, you can't really compress ogg files, since they are already compressed, and as such my entry became the biggest entry with the least content (if I manage to upload it that is).

Did I mention that I also removed the font, causing the game's text to become microscopic! just skip the cut scenes, and you'll be allright.

Lessons learned this PyWeek (my first!):

So I guess I'm going to try to upload the lot now, wish me luck.

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I prefer to use MIDI or MOD files for music -- you get much more music for your byte that way!