Terraformancer is final

It's not exactly what i planned to submit but it's playable and it has wibbly-wobbly terrain :)

In the game you lead a drunk guy to the princess and escort her back into the safe tower. You have
a spell to cast upon this guy, to remind him what to do and you can also raise and
lower the land to create a safe path for him and the princess. But beware,
besides a nasty time limit there are also earthquakes that shake the land!

Select a spell with the mouse and:
- click the guy with the escort spell to tell him to go and get the princess and return her to the tower
- click a terrain column with the raise or lower spell to alter the terrain

Your guy and the princess cannot pass large terrain gaps and deep water.

Now i reaaly need to get to bed, but i couldn't resist to take a quick look at the other entries and i saw some really interesting things there.

Sleep well and relax, it's over :)