Why programming levels is a bad idea

Simply put, it takes forever. Today, I have produced 2 levels and one cutscene so far in about 10 hours, all of the levels were of the size 640,480 and don't take more than a minute to finish if you know how.

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Yeah , very true .
I thought I would have time to work a bit more on the gameplay today but making levels is sooooo long .
It took me the whole day to do 3 working levels .

I think it would take less time to build a level generator than to produce a single well thought level .

Good luck with the end of your game .

2 hours left ...
Well I'm just gonna throw in some music (maybe), finish one simple level and one cutscene and then it'll have to do. Good luck to you too.
It depends a lot on the game. In some cases it can be a very quick way to do it. If you don't you'll have to write a level editor and save/load code including loading custom logic etc.

That said, I did write a level editor for Bouncy 2 and it was totally worth it. :)
In all of my levelful games, I've found the time invested in writing a level editor to be well repaid. It doesn't actually take as much time as you might think if you approach it the right way. The way I do it  is to build the level editor into the game, so that it shares all of the level display code. You have to write all of that anyway, and it usually doesn't take a huge amount more to make it editable. And if you take advantage of pickle, loading and saving can be very easy.

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It also helps if you have libraries such as Albow and Humerus that provide all the surrounding menu code, etc. Albow has recently become OpenGL-capable, so you have even less excuse for not using it now. :-)