Just need some polish

I started today by listing a table of all the animation frames I need, and drawing them, which set me in good stead to actually write the game.

My game is playable as a game now, but the combat needs balance: the AIs acts utterly aggressively - running towards you and swiping as soon as they gets the chance. A hit doesn't freeze up your opponent in pain yet, so you can't hold the upper hand if you strike first.

Also a problem is the framerate - the game doesn't adequately support the amount of objects I would like. Profiling to track down the problem has allowed me to fix a few bugs where things have been called twice, but 8 trees and 5 ninjas is bringing the framerate down to ~25fps. That's enough to have a game at least. My vector class is one bottleneck. Oh, and I've had to remove the sounds due to segfaults.

I'm quite proud of this screenshot. It is remarkably close to the idea I originally had in my head 6 days ago.

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I'm such an idiot
Damn that's looking good!
love it!