Less popping

The path and branches now fade in and out. It's a much more pleasant experience now with no popping in or out of bits and pieces. Also it's not as messy / ugly if the path loops back on the player now since the far path isn't visible until it's really needed.

Download and try if you like: stalk-3

Comments, as always, are welcome. Including any further ideas you might have about gameplay ;)

What do you think of the slight grey outline on the path to separate it from the branches?

I took out the shooting - I just don't think it fits at all.

I am thinking that you maybe have to fly along the path, keeping close to it (or you die or something). Points for speed, and perhaps for collecting things just off the path? And maybe avoiding things?

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I really want to be able to choose a path! I don't care if it makes no strategic difference whatsoever! :)
Alternate paths are an interesting idea but there would be restrictions on which paths you could choose - the branches off the path don't go anywhere... I guess they maybe could mutate ... maybe... I'm running out of time to work on this thing very quickly though.
yes I agree. Also, perhaps the player could have the power to make new branches? Then the goal might be to make twisty/wibbly paths without running into other paths perhaps? If you could control the branching direction with AD maybe.

I didn't notice the grey outline actually, maybe it's my computer?
The grey should be visible at the point where branches lead off.