Starting in the middle of the challenge

Hello everyone, and I'm happy to be in a Pyweek again. :)

I've been away until yesterday morning (didn't even know the theme until then), so I'm only starting now. Also, I think I won't have much time to work on the game in the rest of the week. But, of course, I'll try to create and submit something. :)

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have much time to follow your posts and progresses as I usually do. I might still be around wasting precious time in IRC, though. :P

As usual, I'm struggling to find a good idea seed, but I think I have something now. Unfortunately, this is an idea that probably won't give me much points for innovation and I'm not sure if the relation to the theme is clear, but it's hopefully fun, solid and not hard to implement. Maybe next time I'll try something more experimental as I normally like to try, but due to lack of time and better ideas, I need to stick to something simple this time if I want to finish.

I'll try to do my best, but I admit I'm not expecting much from myself this time. Well, I suppose you can expect some game at least, bad as it may be. :)

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Hello :)
Make something simple, like maybe a sokoban clone, but where the graphics get wavy and distorted as you run out of time. Then give it an exciting plot about a young protagonist who misplaces their favourite ball and is doomed to push blocks around for all eternity... I think the plot could use work...
Welcome, and you're not alone; I'm just getting started myself.
Thanks for the idea, Chard, but I'm already settled with mine. I'm actually getting more confident about it as I develop it. :)

I still need a little plot/theme, though, as for now I only have mechanics. I'll figure something out with time.