Some animation

The basic jumping around and swordfighting is doing okay now, and I made a few animated GIFs for your enjoyment:

I will make sound effects tomorrow and in general try to make the game a game: add some in-game instructions, scoring, game over screen, etc. I hope I will have some time after that to add the fancy stuff (traps!), but even if not, it will still be something to submit!

And I have to get my wife to make ninja music. She's slacking off studying math instead of helping me out!

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that sword animation is pretty great. 
Wow! Wanna play it :)
The animations look realy nice!! great job man!!  

I'm sorry to say, but these will appear in 32x32 pixel sizes in the game and move at speeds of up to 500 pixels/s, so you will barely see them. The game will probably only be playable by ninjas themselves...