Progress after day one

Today i started my game Terraformancer, standing for terra forming by magic :)

It's a 2d strategy game where you help little people to reach goals by raising
and lowering segments of the land they walk on

You have no direct control over the people but can only set tasks that the
people will try to fullfil. You support them by changing the landscape to
protect them from danger like water and deadly animals or to help them reaching
specific places.

So the terrain is kind of wibbly-wobbly :)

So far i have a terrain that can be lowered or raised. All work in progress but a good start.

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Sounds like populus with mountains instead of flatlands? Sounds fun..
It sounds good! :)
Sounds very interesting, looking forward to it!
Yeah something like that. I think that because of the 2D aspect (the player sees the world in profile and not in isometric) the player has to solve other problems than in Populous.

For example teh little people cannot go around mountains, the player has to make them passable.