I am wodering if I can use my PygLibs library? I posted it on Pygame but wanted to make sure that it isnt considered illegal in this competition.

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read the Rules...
Sorry, let me re-phrase that. What are you defining 'game logic' as? PygLibs is practically like pgu except for a different coding style and some advanced isometric features like moving around inside of tiles instead of jumping from one tile to another and pixel perfect collisions, etc.
Are these considered game logic? I just wanted to make sure I wouldnt get pounded later in if I decide to use it.
My first reaction is to disallow it due to there being no documentation. If others can't reasonably use it, then you can't use it.

As far as I am concerned it doesn't look like a game engine, but then I can't really judge its full capabilities without reading the source.

Ok.It has a lot of tutorials that are well-documented that come with the download that explain everything in the library.
You mean the example files? I looked and I'm sorry, but I don't consider some barely-documented example code "documentation".

There really needs to be a plain-English overview description of what the library does, what its components are, what their API is, how they're intended to be used, etc. Nothing verbose. You don't even have a README in there...

Also, there's no versioning, which is not a good idea for released code :)

Just a thought, if RB[0] were to spend some time verbosely documenting his library to a satisfactory state and had this documentation complete before the competition (and added a version number :P), would that be enough to allow its use?
Sure, as long as he also made an effort to let people know it existed (with documentation) at least a couple of weeks before the challenge starts. I used to say at least a month, so I must be getting lenient in my old age :)
Richard, I've added documentation and posted the library on . I hope this is good enough because I cant work on it any more between now and saturday. So, if you think it's not alright I'll just re-write any of it we might need during the competition. Thanks for giving us the chance to work on the library some more before the competition.
Thanks for adding that info. Please just don't make any more API changes before the challenge or it won't be fair on other people. Consider instead working on the packaging.